Month / April 2021

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  • Phishing attacks – how to identify the common types

    Scammers send fake emails to thousands of people, with links to bad websites or asking for bank details and other sensitive information. Whatever your business, you will receive phishing attacks. This article contains the first steps you need to take to help you identify the most common types.

  • The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

    The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 report shows the cyber risk to organisations is heightened because of the pandemic, which has made securing digital environments more challenging as organisational resources are diverted to facilitating home working for staff.

  • Reopening as Lockdown Measures Ease

    Being COVID-secure means being adaptable to the current guidance and having measures in place to manage the risk of coronavirus. Key points for businesses to consider:

  • April is Stress Awareness Month

    The rate of work-related stress depression and anxiety has increased in recent years, find out six key factors to consider when looking to manage stress in the workplace.