5 easy ways to manage fleet risks

Fleet Risk Management is not necessarily a complex or costly matter. It’s worth serious consideration regardless of the size of your fleet. Apart from the safety of your employees, you can help to minimise insurance claims and therefore guard against costly premium increases.

Here are five things to consider:

Telematics – Many small fleet operators think that telematics solutions are aimed at larger fleets, but there are some telematics solutions available for smaller fleets at minimal costs. For example, smartphone apps are available and although the costs are small the benefits can be substantial. These apps can monitor vehicle location, speeds, and how the vehicle is being driven. This information can be useful to defend fraudulent claims and monitor driving performance.

Dash Cams – A dashboard camera – or dash cam – is another cost-effective device worth considering. The footage from the cameras can be invaluable in proving what happened in the event of an accident, and protecting against fraudulent claims.

Driver excess systems – Not every fleet management solution involves technology. Making drivers responsible for excesses for at fault claims can improve on road behaviour and encourage employees to take better care of their vehicles.

Driver Training – Some formal programmes can be expensive but there are a number of options now available for fleets of all sizes including some cost effective online courses and assessments.

Parking sensors – Useful particularly for larger vans. Manufacturers are increasingly fitting sensors as standard or as an optional extra. Alternatively, systems can be retro fitted. It’s a small but worthwhile investment.


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