Assistance For Fleet Managers

Insurance is a complicated subject and the placement is a huge responsibility for Fleet Managers and Finance Directors. And then there is the cost – generally a big proportion of  the company’s insurance spend – and potentially the most volatile. Malago have developed a set of documents designed to help fleet managers understand fleet insurance costs, and how to get the best premiums from the market, and the points to look out for when comparing alternative quotations.

reduce motor fleetThe best route to reduce your motor fleet premiums

Some helpful advice and tips as to how to keep fleet premiums under control and get the best prices from the market.


motor fleet explainedYour motor fleet claims experience explained

How is the document used by insurers to summarise your claims history made up and how is this viewed by underwriters?


vehicle camerasHow can vehicle cameras reduce your insurance premium

Are cameras worth the investment? The advantages explained.



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