Crime Protection

Protect Your Business From Crime

Whatever the size of your organisation, you are at risk to the ever growing risk of fraud or commercial crime. According to The PWC Global Economic Crime Survey (2011) 34% of respondents had experienced economic commercial crime within the last 12 months!

The complexity and technological sophistication of fraudsters continues to advance from payroll fraud to specialist invoice fraud and cyber criminals – the impact of a loss could cripple your business.

Crime insurance is often overlooked, leaving companies vulnerable to potential catastrophic losses. Crime-related losses are not typically covered by commercial property insurance, Crime cover always goes beyond traditional ‘Fidelity’ policies which are limited just to dishonest acts by employees. So it’s important to make sure your business is protected

Crime insurance coverage

Commercial Crime Insurance provides insurance for commercial businesses against fraud, dishonesty, or malicious acts. A true crime policy will go beyond criminal acts committed by employees.


  • Internal crime
    • Fraud committed by employees
  • External crime
    • fraud committed by third parties by means of
      • Computer or Cyber crime
      • Forgery
      • Counterfeit
      • Fraudulent alteration
      • Theft
      • Telecommunications Fraud

Coverages between insurers can vary so its important you ask us for some specialist advice

The need for crime protection is real