Insurance Programme Review Service

On our travels through Somerset and The South West, we commonly bump into various businesses who say they are more than happy with the relationship they have with their current insurance broker. And that’s fair enough.

But we also find that when we regularly review potential customers’ programmes, we find flaws. Or maybe risks which the business faces which are insurable but haven’t been brought to the attention of the business. This could happen because of complacency on the part of the current broker, or just that a second pair of eyes helps to make sure all bases are covered.

Malago offers a service to carry out a review of your insurance arrangements. Our service can be tailored to your needs and can include:

  • Pricing review
  • Cover review
  • Uninsured areas
  • Risk management support available

This service is generally free of charge – contact Mathew Rowles at Malago for an initial chat.